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Executive Assistant Administrator: Cynthia Moreno

Fishing has always been an exciting adventure for me . Every time I go out there and do something so exciting it takes me back to my child hood. I never really fished to much as a child but the memory I have from it is going to the lake and camping out enjoying being at the beach feeling that breeze and of course the smell of fish and salt water all mixed together. 

Whether it was at the lake or beach I always knew fishing was something I wanted to do as a hobby. It became a passion for me. Fin Addict is something very meaningful to me. It’s more than fishing; it means a life experience and an everyday out door learning experience. Having a great time and getting educated on outdoors and fishing is the greatest feeling.   

Fin Addict events are a time of coming together and loving what we do.  It’s by being involve and engaging in everything Fin Addict offers. This organization has been the best thing to me. It’s about loving what we do. I plan to always give 1000% of my assistance to Fin Addict. It’s the best time of my life because without it I would have never known what it means to fish and care about the outdoors and loving every minute of it. It has become my passion.

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