General Resource & Advocate: Gerald Chavarria

I've been married for 33 years, I have two amazing daughters and two wonderful grandchildren. My family is the reason I get up each morning and they are (at times) the reason I get away and go fishing.

My earliest fishing experience was with my father B.T. Chavarria. We used to go to the coast, sleep on the beach, cook on the beach and have family time. 

The Fin Addict motto, "God, family, friends, and fishing" is something I believe and support. Teaching and encouraging young anglers is something I hope to teach my grandson one day.  I've seen a Facebook post that reads, "more tackle boxes and less X-boxes" and I agree with that.​

I support Fin Addict by getting the word out, assisting with tournaments, providing manual labor when needed, and participating in the tournaments.

But most of all, Fin Addict is a bond and a friendship of individuals who have become more like a family to me.