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Dear Community Supporter,

Fin Addict Angler Co. Fishing Tournaments are organized to support and encourage anglers of all ages and their families who enjoy the experience of fishing. Our tournaments offer anglers a place to bond with others who share the same passion for fishing and enjoy the fellowship that goes along with the tournament. We promote a challenged fishing experience that inspires men, women and children to venture into one of life’s oldest fun and pass-time activity….FISHING!

We contribute the success of our tournaments to supporters like yourself who contribute in-kind donations of commodities. Any donation or contribution would greatly be appreciated and will serve as a raffle prize at the closing of our event or to help pay for the necessities of the event. 

Our Fin Addict participants greatly appreciate supporters who make their fishing event a memorable fun experience and sometimes for some, an experience that comes once in a lifetime.
Fin Addict supporters are generously acknowledged by including their company logo on our event t-shirts along with other incentives as agreed upon prior to tournaments. 

All proceeds go to Fin Addict Angler Foundation for fishing educational clinics and sponsorships. 

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us with any of the following means: 

Contact: Oscar Castillo

Phone number: (210) 643-3396  



Rosemary A. Bernel

Fin Addict Angler Co