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Vice President: Albert Soto

I am a San Antonio born fisherman, a husband, a father and the owner and C.E.O. of Kat Mar Transport Inc..

My favorite childhood experience outdoors is definitely long weekends camping and fishing with my parents and extended family. My grandfather and father taught me to love and appreciate the outdoors. At that time, there really wasn’t education out on preserving and respecting the outdoors, for me it all came from family.

To this day, I still look forward to being on or by the water, passing on what my grandfather and father have taught me to my own daughters and making new memories with my own family and friends.

To me, being a Fin Addict Angler means God, Family and Friends. I believe God has blessed me with the ability to share my knowledge and love for this sport to others. It teaches you not only physical skills, but life lessons as well. Being a Fin Addict means that you are never alone, you will always have family by your side.

I plan on assisting the Fin Addict Angler Foundation by continuing to reach out to the community and help educate youth and adults about this wonderful sport and preservation of our land.

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