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Your Gift Creates A Healthier You


The Fin Addict Angler Foundation invites you to partner with us in the pursuit of our mission to benefit our attendees with a sense of well-being, to a stronger self-concept and greater Independence. Fishing takes determination and creates both perseverance and patience. 


Fin Addict Angler Foundation encourages participants to become part of a community that crosses all gender, cultural and economic lines where all that matters is the CATCH!


It is with your gift that we are able to Educate in the areas of stewardship, aquatic safety and the basics of fishing. To then Engage through small group hands-on experiences, and Empower children and their families to put to use their new knowledge, continue learning, and teaching others. 


We thank you for your consideration and support as you join us on this incredible adventure by using one of the methods on the Ways to Donate page. 

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