"The Fin Addict Angler Foundation organization has been a fantastic partner in Texas Parks and Wildlife angler education events.  Our outreach program partners with many organizations to spread the joy of fishing and enjoyment of the outdoors through angler education events for youth and families.  Fin Addict Angler Foundation organization is one of our most active partners and puts on incredible events for the public."


– Caleb Harris, Aquatic Education Specialist, 

    Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

"I fish from South Padre Island to port Mansfield Texas. Fresh to salt water, bay to offshore, the water is my love. My motto is God, family, and water, which is why I became a Fin Addict. The core values the organization believes in are my beliefs too. Any task from church drives, teaching our future generations to fish, as well as men and women of all ages Fin Addict will be there. As a member, I love the diversity of our organization .From kayaks to banks, surf to shores, and Bay to sea, we all share the love of the Fin Addict .I am forever grateful to be a part of a movement that has helped so many. I will do my part to ensure Fin Addict will be around for years to come to sustain the future of our sport for many more generations. Fin Addict R U 1."


~TJ "BOOM" Reyna

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"​The Fin Addict Angler Foundation organization isn't just a bunch of people that like to fish. The heart and passion shown for the sport of fishing is unconditional, and their strive to teach both sportsmanship and conservation is unmatched. Every person at every Fin Addict Angler Foundation event will attest to the positive friendliness and amity of the Fin Addict Angler Foundation atmosphere. When you are part of the Fin Addict Angler Foundation organization, you are part of more than a group of fisherman and women; you are part of the Fin Addict family."


~Tyler Stanley