Fin Addict Angler Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, dedicates itself to a variety of projects such as providing free group fishing classes or assisting with sponsorship programs for youth anglers. We are proud to have an opportunity to help both those who have never fished and those who are ready to learn enjoy the challenges of the outdoor life.

We are excited about the Fin Addict Angler adventures! We sincerely hope you will join us in the next chapters of the Fin Addict Angler Foundation.

The Fin Addict Angler Foundation Team 

Oscar Castillo
Founder/Executive Director

Rosemary Bernal

Albert Soto
Vice President

Cynthia Moreno

Eric Salinas

Mark Martinez
Liaison Officer
Jennifer Soto
Fundraiser Director

John Fonseca
Resource Advocate
Alan Henderson
Finance Director

Gloria Robinson
Program Director

Jessica McClellan
Volunteer Director


We Make a Difference!

When you participate in our annual banquet or other fundraisers, your donations enable us to continue our mission.

Fin Addict Angler Foundation aims to bring people in our communities back to the great outdoors by combining an appreciation for the sport of fishing with a respect for one of our greatest natural resources - water.