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Founder / Executive Director: Oscar Castillo

As a child, I remember fishing on piers for long periods of time and never being tired. I also remember never tying my own knots or even know what and why I was doing for fishing at that time and place.

As I got older and became more experienced, I started to understand what I call “The theory behind the method” in fishing.

As an adult, I’ve learned the more comfortable you are fishing for whatever it may bring the better the experience you’ll have. Fin Addict Angler in my mind was designed and created for all walks of life in the fishing community to come together for the sole purpose of properly educating people.

As an angler and avid outdoorsman, experience is the key in educating and speaking about fishing as well as stewardship of the land, etc. I am a member in many organizations, associations, and fishing groups including CCA, TPWD, TGWA & OGTTX.

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