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Fundraiser Director: Jennifer Soto

I was born in San Antonio and am new to the fishing community. I loves children and have worked as a pre-school teacher for over 10 years.

Growing up in a military family, I lived my early years overseas. My greatest memories were of coming home every summer to Texas for a week-long camping trip to Goose Island with my siblings, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Visiting the Big Tree, early morning wade fishing, late night crabbing and fishing off of Copano Bay Bridge are among my favorite memories.

Today, I still enjoys more than anything being with my family. I am new to kayaking, but enjoy paddling out with my husband and Fin Addict friends. I also enjoy wade fishing out at the coast.

I believe being a Fin Addict Angler means not looking down on others based on their age, gender, or knowledge of fishing. I believe there is always room for improvement and I am hoping as a Fin Addict Angler, that I will have the opportunity to brighten the minds of those interested in learning and I hope along the way that I will not only teach but learn from others.

I plan on assisting the Fin Addict Angler Foundation by using my knowledge of child education to help grow the Foundation. As well as help with setting up and organizing fundraisers to help with the costs of funding some of the activities held by the organization.

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