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General Resource & Advocate: John Fonseca

My favorite outdoor experience as a child was when all of my family including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins would go to Port A to fish and camp. Port A, is my favorite place because that is where my memories are. My dad would put up the tent and my mom would watched us kids. And that was the beginning of my fishing days.

Today, I am fishing whenever I can get a rod and water together. I enjoy the sport day in and day out. I participate with my Fin Addict family in children’s fishing clinics and in their tournaments.

I plan to give my assistance to Fin Addict Angler willingly and wholeheartedly because I want to share the blessings God has given to me. Fin Addict gives me the opportunity to share my fishing experiences that I have learned as a child handed to me from my family.

Fin Addict is one big family of people from different walks of life that love and care about the outdoors. There is more to living than video games… there is the passion to fish. Today, my favorite memories are of the children’s smiles at the Fin Addict Angler children’s fishing clinics when they learn how to cast a rod, about boat safety and many other activities. It is priceless to see kids enjoy themselves with something different… fishing!

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