Grant Writer Coordinator: Eddie Garcia

Favorite Outdoor experience as an Adult: As an adult, my favorite outdoor experience was the Fin Addict 2015 Shoreline Tournament. I was able to meet so many great people who have become like family to me. 

Being a part of Fin Addict Angler means that I get to pass on my knowledge to people who may have never had the chance to fish, It opens up a new world of possibilities to families that may have been too timid to fish on their own. Fin Addict Angler will strengthen bonds, friendships, it will get people out doors to create new memories.

I plan to assist the foundation by learning more ways to relay my knowledge in a way that is easy for every person to understand. My teaching will be fun, easy to grasp, and I will provide extra one on one time to ensure that each person is proficient my lesson.