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Liaison Officer: Mark Martinez

Hello, my name is Mark Martinez I'm a 44 year old native Texan as well as husband and father to a beautiful family. As long as I can remember some of my most precious memories were fishing with my Father; Grandfather and Uncles as a child. I will admit being drug out to the lake every other weekend wasn't my favorite thing to do as an 8 year old. Yet my love of fishing grew every time we took that trip to the lake, I never realized just how important those fishing trips would become, as I was taught how to tie a knot, bait my own rig, cast my rod and figure out how fish reacts during a certain time of the year. After my grandfather passed away, fishing wasn't as exciting or something I sought out until I met the great people of Fin Addict.

In 2011 at the first Fin Addict Shoreline fishing tournament I was introduced to a great team of individuals who had a love of fishing just as I did before my grandfather had passed away.

Being a part of Fin Addict is more than just getting the opportunity fish as much as I possibly can, it's passing those teachings and traditions I so deeply revere to our future generations. I want to ensure every child has the opportunity to take to the lake with the most information as possible, help them appreciate the land and the art of fishing as well as the camaraderie that comes along with it.

The Fin Addict Organization gives me a reason to look at the next generations and know that this information will not be lost. It's extremely rewarding to see a child who has never fished a day in their life light up when they catch their first fish.

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