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President / CEO: Rosemary Bernal

My fondest childhood memories where of summers fishing in Corpus Christi and other surrounding waters where my loving grandfather and father would fish for hours from early dawn to sundown creating memories handed down from generation to generation. I am grateful and blessed for having those memories. I remembered a time when my grandfather came home from work and my grandmother took one look at him and she knew he had gone fishing….I guess the string of fish and his rolled up sleeves and pants gave him away along with a grin on his face. That smile told me it was all worth it.

Fin Addict Angler inspires angler family-fun and supports its community. It’s about the past, the present and the future. Fin Addict started as a fun event for family and friends to gather and to enjoy the comradery of anglers. Volunteering as an angler instructor throughout the years for Fin Addict and TWPD has given me a respect for our outdoors of fishing and a vision for its future.

As an adult, I value the future of our youth. If you are a Fin Addict follower then you know Fin Addict is more than about fishing clinics and tournaments…it offers a lifetime of friendship

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